ChapterWeb Feature Requests & Customization

Recently, we’ve received
inquiries as to whether or not we are still taking new feature and
customization requests for ChapterWeb Classic. Our goal, first and foremost, is
to get  all chapters migrated over to ChapterWeb 2.0 as quickly and
efficiently as possible. That being said, all our resources are now dedicated
to the ChapterWeb 2.0 migration in order to achieve our goal by April 2010. For
all  chapters still using ChapterWeb Classic, we are still providing
support for any questions and/or technical issues you might have, but
customizations and special feature add-on’s are no longer available as of this

 If you are unsure whether or not
your Chapter is using ChapterWeb Classic or ChapterWeb 2.0 please view the
screenshots below of each version.

 If there is a feature that you’d like to see on ChapterWeb 2.0, we’d like to hear any suggestions you might

 Please feel free to email us at with any feedback,
questions, or suggestions.

Thank you all for your patience and enthusiasm during this migration

-The ChapterWeb Team

ChapterWeb Classic

ChapterWeb 2.0