New Calendar Updates Released!

In the next several days if you are using ChapterWeb 2.0 you'll see some significant changes to the Calendar section. We've added some new features as well as brought back some functionality from ChapterWeb Classic. Below is a list of what we'll be adding (don't worry, a how to guide on using the new features will soon follow this announcement):

  • Ability to filter the calendar by category and the philanthropy, commitee, award, class, etc. that the event is related to (you set the related to option when the event is created on the calendar).
  • The ability to filter the calendar by events that have open sign ups, as well as RSVP events that you have not yet responded to.
  • A quick view on the right hand side that gives you a list of your upcoming events for that month.
  • The ability to add event categories as well as color code them.
  • A legend that shows what each color category means as well as what each symbol on the calendar means for your members.
  • The ability to add special reminders to events with your own instructions as well as the ability to send the reminder to the group that the event is related to (Philanthropy, Class, etc.).
  • The ability to add someone else (or a group of people) besides the creator or related to group of sign ups and cancellations for a specific event.


We'll be creating support materials and how to guides to help your members with these new features, please look for those in the coming days. In the meantime, if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us at

Thank you!

Your ChapterWeb Support Team