ChapterWeb-inar Questions Answered!

For those of you who couldn't attend the webinar today, here are some of the most asked questions during our Webinar event:

Is there any easy way to post a series of pictures?
Yes! On the Photos tab, you can select multiple photos at once to upload to the site.

Will this webinar be recorded for users who cannot attend?
Unfortunately, this webinar is not being recorded, however, we are producing a similar webinar that will be placed on our website later this week.

Does ChapterWeb integrate with National for member and hours sharing?
ChapterWeb does not currently connect to NCL National's web site to automatically transfer information. However, we do offer reports to make the data copying process very efficient.

If there is a sign up that requires the person to sign up for the entire week, how would you list that on the calendar?  If you set it up as a repeating event, the system will allow different people sign up under the other days displayed on the calendar.
Events are currently only single day events, so you cant have a week-long event. However, if you create, for example, the first event and repeat it through the week, it will allow users to sign up for each day independently.

Is it easy to customize the wording for the big/sis, lil sis if don't use for something else?
Yes! ChapterWeb is very flexible and we can change verbiage or remove fields that are not needed.

How much space is available to each chapter to store documents and photos?
All chapters are given 1GB of disk space included in ChapterWeb, and we have more storage available if needed on a per-chapter basis.

Can you easily add more menu options to the top menu bar?  For example, our chapter runs a Thrift Shop and we would want a menu option for that.
Yes, we can customize the main site navigation on a per-chapter basis

You mentioned the ability to customize our hours screen. How would we go about doing that?
You'll want to put in a support request to: We can go from there to get your customizations scheduled and put into place.


Q: Can we get description of access for each role?

A: You can find a description of roles on our support site at:


Q: Can we add exception reporting on hours?  Example: Show entries exceeding hours permitted by philanthropy or league activity
A: We do offer customizations to reports. You can email us at to get more information and let us know what you are looking to achieve.


Q: Will ChapterWeb be able to add a second tier for file folders?

A: ChapterWeb currently supports sub-folders for Files. You'll want to check your Settings page to make sure this is enabled. You can also follow our how to guide to get this set up for your chapter.


Q: Is there ability to upload from excel.  Example of NCL provisional profile information?

A: Currently, we do not offer an Excel import feature however we are looking at adding this feature in the future for importing member information

Q: Can you link a document from your files to a calendar event?  for example a permission form from a Philanthropy?

 A: No, you cannot link from the calendar at this time. You can direct them to the Files area, where they'll be able to download the files from the website directly. 

Q: How do you change the status for a group of people?  ie change from Provisionals to Active status all at the same time instead of individually?

A: To batch change a Status for a group of people, go into your Members tab and then into "Statuses." Select "List Users" next to the status you wish to change, check the box next to each person whose status you'd like to change, and then select "Move Members." Select the new status, and you are done! 

Q: Can you paste clip-art into calendar entries?
A: You cannot paste images or clip art into calendar descriptions.

Q: How do you add a new album with a new name that is not listed under albums?

A: To add a new album, there is a 'New Album' link in the upper-right portion of the photos screen.

Q: Is this webinar being recorded such that you could send us a link to replay after the call?

A: This webinar is not being recorded, but we are creating a similar webinar that will be posted on our support site later this week.

Q: On the reports tab, are the Calendar Signup Report & Standards Comparison Report standard or are they a customized request for some Chapters?

A: These are standard reports, but we also have the ability to customize reports per-chapter as well as create new reports.

Q: How do I add a photo to member profile?

A: Once you open the Members tab, you can find a user and click on their account. From there, Edit Member and you can set a photo.