Why Can’t I Log My Daughter’s or Son’s Hours?

If you are at the ‘Hours’ tab and find yourself not able to log your son’s or daughter’s hours, please double check these areas: Is my son or daughter linked to my account as a related member? You can check and verify this by going to the Members tab > Directory > Click on your […]

How do I Add a Focus Philanthropy? (Admins Only)

Please note: Only administrators can add a Focus Philanthropy to a particular class. In order to add a focus philanthropy to a specific class in your chapter, please follow the steps outlined below: Login to your ChapterWeb account and click on the Member tab. If you are an NCL chapter you'll see "Ticktocker Classes" as […]

How do I Enter League Hours?

In order to enter League Hours, please follow the steps below: Login to your ChapterWeb account and click on the "Hours" tab Once in the Hours tab select your date as normal and the member you'd like to enter the hours for. After this is done you'll see a drop down menu (see item 1 […]

Org Info Area Overview (Administrators Only)

Please note: Only administrators can view the Settings section of the website. To view this section, click on the “Settings” link in the upper right hand corner after logging into ChapterWeb. The first page you will see will be the Org Info area. This area allows administrators to customize many settings within the website. View […]

How do I Disable a League Activity?

Please note: Only administrators can add, delete, edit, and disable League Activities. Once the League Activity is disabled, it will no longer show up as a selection on your Hours screen, however, all information about the activity will still be stored on the website. In order to disable a League Activity, please follow the steps […]

How do I Turn Off Hours Entry for a Certain Time Period?

Please note: Only administrators can turn off hours input for members. In order to turn off hours entry during a certain time frame, please follow the steps below: Login to your ChapterWeb account Click on the "Settings" link in the top right hand corner (see item 1 below) Once you have opened the Settings page, […]

How do I Edit or Delete My Hours?

If you'd like to edit or delete your hours, please follow the steps below: Login to your ChapterWeb account Once you are logged in, click on the Hours tab and then either the Philanthropy or League Hours review sub link to begin reviewing your hours (see item 1 below). Once you've clicked on the hours […]

How can I add a League activity?

  Only site administrators can edit a league activity. To add a league activity, follow these steps: While in the hours section, click on the ‘League Activities’ sub tab. Click on the ‘Add League Activity’ button in the upper right hand corner. Enter the name of the new league activity and click on the ‘Add New League […]

How do I review hours?

You can review either Philanthropy Hours or League Hours under the 'Hour' tab by following these steps: Click on 'Philanthropy Hours Review' sub tab OR  'League Hours Review' sub tab; It will open a new window showing all the most current entries. (See item 1) On the right hand side, you will be able to filter the review […]

How do I submit my hours?

Note: Site administrators or hour administrators, please make sure that you remember to select the member that you want to add the hours for by typing in the member’s name in the Member entry field under the date. Follow these steps to add your hours (select your role to see specific instructions): Administrator Hours Screen […]

How do I submit meeting credits?

You can submit your League Credits using the 'Hours' tab, much in the same way you'll be submitting your hours. First, select the member that this meeting credit should be applied to. If you an administrator you'll want to type in the member name, if you are a users without admin rights you'll have the […]

How do I get rid of our Chapters “big-sis/little-sis” hours?

To remove the  "big-sis/little-sis" hours check box under the Hours tab (see item 1), please submit a support request. We will remove that option from your ChapterWeb account if it is not relevant to the Chapter.