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Why Are The Reports Not Generating in Google Chrome?

This issue is related to Google Chrome’s latest update. To adjust your pop-up blocker settings to allow pop-ups from your ChapterWeb site, see instructions below. Generate a report (Hours Summary, Standards Comparison, etc.). Within your address bar, you’ll see the icon. Click on this icon. To always allow pop-ups for your ChapterWeb site, select “Always […]

How Do I Turn On the Reminder Feature?

Only site administrators, calendar administrators or philanthropy liaisons can turn on the reminder function for events.  Set up reminders for signups Set up reminders for a specific group Set up reminders for signups: Create event on your calendar. Note: To read up on how to create an event, click here. Click on the tab called […]

How Do I Clear My Browser’s Cookies and Cache?

Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer 8 and higher Mobile Safari for iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) Safari Google Chrome Within your web address bar, enter: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData Choose the following: Mozilla Firefox From the History menu, select “Clear Recent History”. Note: If your menu bar is hidden, press ALT on your keyboard to make it visible. […]

How Do I Create A Table Cell?

Note: You must be an Administrator or Content Administrator in order to edit content on the website. Click on the icon Click on the icon Hover over the the square in the upper-left hand corner Note: When you hover over a square, it will turn gray Click on your square that is now gray Note: […]

How Do I Add a PayPal Button to a Content Page?

Note: Only Administrators or Content Administrators will be able to edit content pages. Drop-down menus are not compatible with the content pages within your ChapterWeb / CollectiveWeb site.  Part I : Within PayPal Log into your PayPal account. Click on the button called “Let’s Make a Button”. Choose either the “Buy Now”, “Pay Now” or […]

Why Can’t I Log My Daughter’s or Son’s Hours?

If you are at the ‘Hours’ tab and find yourself not able to log your son’s or daughter’s hours, please double check these areas: Is my son or daughter linked to my account as a related member? You can check and verify this by going to the Members tab > Directory > Click on your […]

How Do I Change my Filters Settings?

Note:  Only site administrators have the ability to edit the Settings. You will need to contact your site administrator(s) if you are unable to complete the steps below.   Firstly, login into your Chapter’s site. Once you do, you will see the ‘Settings’ option in the upper right-hand corner (See Figure 1). Click ‘Settings’.   […]

How Do I Import Members?

Login to your Chapter’s site Click on the tab ‘Members’ Click on the sub tab ‘Member Import’ Download the template by clicking on ‘Import Template’ . Note that once you click on ‘Import Template’, you will be prompted with a message to download an Excel Spreadsheet.  Once you download the Excel Spreadsheet, you will see […]

How do I login to my ChapterWeb site?

In order to login to your web site, you will want to visit your website and click on the ‘Member Pages’ link. Most organizations have domain names such as: nclridgerock.org ymslridgerock.org etc Alternatively, we also have default web addresses where you can reach your site. They are formatted like this: nclridgerock.chapterweb.net ymslridgerock.chapterweb.net etc Once on […]

Overview of Roles, Statuses, and Positions

How do roles, statuses, and positions all work together on ChapterWeb? Good question. Roles When you think of roles on ChapterWeb, think of the permissions that you are giving to a member to perform certain tasks. At the very top level you have the Administrator. The Administrator has the ability to read, write, delete, and […]

Org Info Area Overview (Administrators Only)

Please note: Only administrators can view the Settings section of the website. To view this section, click on the “Settings” link in the upper right hand corner after logging into ChapterWeb. The first page you will see will be the Org Info area. This area allows administrators to customize many settings within the website. View […]

How do I Delete Myself or a Related Users from an Event?

Please note: You will ONLY be able to delete yourself from an event if the creator of the event has specifically allowed deletions. If you cannot complete the steps below, you'll need to contact the creator of the event to have yourself deleted. In order to delete yourself from an event, please follow the steps […]

How do I Add a Link to A File in Our Content Areas?

Please note: You must have administrator privileges in order to link to a file on the website. ChapterWeb users have access to two types of file structure: Folder and Category. Follow the links below for specific instructions using… the Folder file structure. the Category file structure. Category File Structure Login to your ChapterWeb account and click on […]

How do I Change My Password?

All  members are allowed to change their own passwords within ChapterWeb. Follow the steps below to successfully change your password: 1. Once you have logged in, you'll want to click on your name on the upper right hand corner (see item 1 below).   2. Once you've clicked here you'll be able to see your […]

What are Member Roles?

Member roles are designed to allow users to administer specific sections of their ChapterWeb site. For example, user 1 can have access to manage the Calendar, while user 2 can have access to manage the calendar and files sections. Default Member Roles Here is a listing of all of the default member roles as well […]