Why Are The Reports Not Generating in Google Chrome?

This issue is related to Google Chrome’s latest update. To adjust your pop-up blocker settings to allow pop-ups from your ChapterWeb site, see instructions below. Generate a report (Hours Summary, Standards Comparison, etc.). Within your address bar, you’ll see the icon. Click on this icon. To always allow pop-ups for your ChapterWeb site, select “Always […]

How do I Use the Annual Report? (NCL)

The annual report was developed for NCL's to help our chapters when putting in totals at the end of the year for National. Below is an explanation of how to use the annual report, but if you have any more questions please contact ChapterWeb Support directly. Please follow the steps below to run the annual […]

How do I Run a Report for Related Members by Class?

In order to run a report for related members by class you'll want to follow the steps outlined below. You'll use this option if you are an NCL to view: Patronesses by Ticktocker Class You'll use this option if you are a YMSL to view: Mom's by Young Men's Class You'll use this option if […]

How do I use the Standards Comparison Report?

Please note: Only Administrators and Hours Administrators can run this report. In order to run the Standards Comparison Report, please follow the steps below: Login to your ChapterWeb account click on the Reports tab. Once in this tab, select the Standards Comparison Report. When the report has opened, select the Hours type that you wish […]

When Running a Report How Do I Change the Date to Reflect Our Fiscal Year Automatically?

Only site administrators can edit settings. As an admin you can do this by first logging into your ChapterWeb account. You'll then see a "Settings" link on the top right hand corner. Click this link to open up the settings page for your chapter. On this page you can change your fiscal year begin date. […]

How do I view reports? (For Users)

Members can only view their own information in Philanthropy Reports, League Reports and Calendar Sign Ups. Philanthropy: Philanthropy Detail: While in the Reports section, select the 'Philanthropy Detail' report. Fill in Begin Date, End Date, Philanthropy (select any that apply), Group by, and Report Type. Click on the 'View Report' button to generate a .pdf […]

How do I view reports? (For Administrators)

As a site administrator or report administrator, you are authorized to view reports of all members in the Chapter. All reports will be exported as .pdf files. For all report categories (Philanthropy, League and Calendar), the interface will be the same.To create a report, follow these steps: While in the Reports section, click on the […]

What do all of the reports do?

Please note: All members can run reports for themselves or their related users. Only administrators can run reports for all members in the chapter. Depending on which organization you belong to, the reports that you can view will be different. Select your organization below to get descriptions on the reports available. All reports can be […]